epi pen shortage in canada what to do

Auvi-Q (auto-injecteurs d’épinéphrine) – Mise à jour

Posted on 02 Sep 2018
Le 2 septembre 2018 Chers membres, J’aimerais fournir des détails supplémentaires au sujet de la distribution, au Canada, d’auto-injecteurs d’épinéphrine AUVI-Q (autrefois commercialisés sous le nom Allerject). D’abord, les dispositifs seront distribués uniquement dans des formats pos
epi pen shortage in canada what to do

CSACI Responds to Canadian EpiPen Shortage Announcement

Posted on 29 Aug 2018
Dear Members, The Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has been quite troubled, on behalf of our patients, by the lack of epinephrine auto-injectors for our patients in Canada in 2018. Canada presently has only one supplier of epinephrine auto-injectors and when there a
epi pen shortage in canada what to do

Auvi-Q (auto-injecteurs d’épinéphrine)

Posted on 28 Aug 2018
Chers membres, La Société canadienne d’allergie et d’immunologie clinique est très préoccupée, au nom des patients, par le manque d’auto-injecteurs d’épinéphrine au pays en 2018. À présent, le Canada ne dispose que d’un fournisseur d’auto-injecteurs d’épinéphrine : lorsque des contrai
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The Not Waiting is the Hardest Part

Posted on 02 Aug 2017
In late February 2015 in Houston, TX–everything changed. That was the date of the official release of the data from the LEAP Study, a landmark paper presented by Drs. George DuToit and Gideon Lack—the culmination of years of study. I was lucky enough to be at the AAAAI session a
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What is an Allergist: An Open Letter

Posted on 26 Jun 2017
Dear Members, I was recently approached to publish an Essay on the topic: “What is an Allergist?” I wrote it to help define the role of allergists in Canada, describe our areas of expertise and explain the importance of being seen by Board Certified Allergist…as well as how to find th