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Dr. David Fischer, CSACI President and Dr. Edmond Chan, CSACI Board member both gave interviews yesterday regarding the new “Peanut Introduction Guidelines”. Below is a summary of media coverage of January 5th:

Vancouver Sun (front page Thurs Jan 5): Everything you thought you knew about peanut allergies is wrong: Babies should eat nuts before 12 months
Globe and Mail (Thurs): Infants should be eating peanuts by six months, allergists say.
CTV ("Your Morning" with Ben Mulroney, CTV Newsnet, Avis Favaro CTV National news): Peanut foods for infants may prevent allergies: panel

Further media coverage:
Global (National news, Allison)
City TV (Breakfast TV, Omni evening news Chinese, Punjabi either Thurs or Fri)
Toronto Star (in a few hours)
CBC News Channel

Talk Radio AM640 - Toronto
Several radio shows across the country

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